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Contribution from batch 1976

Mr. Giri and Mr.Subramaniam from batch 1976, contributed Rs.300000 for making benches and desks. We wholeheartedly appreciate their generosity towards our school.

Financial help to the students by batch 1994

In coordination with Mrs.Leema Rose and Mr. Srinivas, the following persons from 1994 batch, Mr. Ramu Janarthanan, Mr. Pushpaja, Mr. Haridass, Mr. Sastika, Mr. Baskar, Mr. Abbas, Mr. Prince, Mr. Ayyappan Durairaj, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Mr. Vijayan, Mr. Manoj, Mr.Felix donated Rs.60000 towards the school fees for 6 th Std. Tamil medium boys. We sincerely cherish their generosity.

Financial support to the students by batch 2013

From the batch 2013, Rs.6000 was collected towards the school fees for 6 th Std. Tamil medium boys by the following people: Mr. Girish, Mr. Karthick, Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Hemnath, Mr. C.K.Karthick, Mr. Devanand, Mr. Moulish. We acknowledge their kind effort to support our boys with financial aid.

Contribution of Uniform and Plants by batch 1986

Mr.Thambusamy, a retired commerce teacher along with Mr. Jeevanandam motivated the 1986 batch to contribute Rs.40000 towards stitched uniform to 55 deserving students. They also promised to make desks and benches for 12 th D boys. In addition, Mr.Jeevanandam contributed some plants to make our school a greener campus. We thank the entire team for their constant support.

Generous help by our teacher

Mr. Anandharaj, our B.T. Maths teacher donated Rs.10000 towards 9 th Tamil medium boys school fees.

Contribution of Flower pots

Mr. Rosario, our well wisher offered Rs.5000 and Mr. Leo Mohan, our Past pupil offered Rs.2000 to buy flowerpots to make our school entrance more welcoming. We appreciate them for their help.

Uniform, Shoes & Financial support to the students by batches 1992-94

Under the able guidance of Mr.Jaganath, the 1992-1994 batch provided Stitched uniform and shoes to deserving students for the past 13 years and this year, these generous hearts extended their helping hands by contributing Rs.10000 to pay the school fees for 10 students. We appreciate and thank them for being empathetic towards our students.

Financial support to the students by batch 1994

Mr. Arun from batch 1994, contributed Rs.34000 towards the school fees of 3 boys who are good at academics, regular to school and well disciplined. These students are from 10 th std., 11 th B & 12 th D respectively. He also promised that he would add few more in the coming year.

CHIEF MINISTER AWARD for the year 2021 to our Past pupil

Mr. Jaganath from the batch 1994, has been awarded ‘THE BEST POLICEMAN’ by the Chief minister. He has been instrumental in coordinating his batch and guiding them to help our boys. We sincerely congratulate and appreciate him for his dedication and selfless service.

Renovation of our School Entrance

This year, with the great efforts of the Management, our school entrance has been renovated with planks of Roll of Honor, Groups & Units, Vision & Mission statements and also 2 green boards and 4 Information Notice boards and some new flower pots.

Independence Day Celebration: (15th August 2020)

The 73rd Independence day celebration was organized in the school premises. The main highlight of the day was ‘Honoring Corporation workers’ with the Grocery package. Being the feast of Our lady of Assumption, we had a Holy Mass for the teachers and domestic staff members.

Installation Of Drinking Water Facility

The Management is feeling ecstatic on the Installation of Water purificator machine in our school for the benefit of our children. This was solely sponsored by Mr.M.K.Stalin, DMK Leader and Mr.Sekar Babu, MLA.

Teachers Day celebration: (5th September 2020)

‘A teacher is a star who makes others shine”
With much Joy and happiness, the teachers’ day celebration was started with the Holy Eucharistic Celebration at 09.30 am in DB Auditorium. With fun and enthusiasm, the teachers took part in the Shuttle-Badminton match organized by Rev.Br.Anandharaj, the new Headmaster and his team.