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Activities 2020-21

Independence Day Celebration: (15th August 2020)

The 73rd Independence day celebration was organized in the school premises. The main highlight of the day was ‘Honoring Corporation workers’ with the Grocery package. Being the feast of Our lady of Assumption, we had a Holy Mass for the teachers and domestic staff members.

Installation Of Drinking Water Facility

The Management is feeling ecstatic on the Installation of Water purificator machine in our school for the benefit of our children. This was solely sponsored by Mr.M.K.Stalin, DMK Leader and Mr.Sekar Babu, MLA.

Teachers Day celebration: (5th September 2020)

‘A teacher is a star who makes others shine”
With much Joy and happiness, the teachers’ day celebration was started with the Holy Eucharistic Celebration at 09.30 am in DB Auditorium. With fun and enthusiasm, the teachers took part in the Shuttle-Badminton match organized by Rev.Br.Anandharaj, the new Headmaster and his team.